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 Smartype Maximizes Transcription Productivity
Palm Beach Gardens, FL – January 17, 2012 – Smartype® Speedtyping Software can now function in virtually any Windows or Web-based program.  Like the earlier version, which worked only with Microsoft Word, its powerful word-completion engine saves the maximum number of keystrokes for medical transcriptionists (MTs) – while ensuring correct spelling, capitalization, and hyphenation.  MTs who are transcribing in non-Word platforms can now benefit from its unique productivity-increasing capability.  They can also use it for email and other routine typing. 
Powered by IntelliComplete® predictive-typing engine, Smartype comes with a frequency-oriented Vocabulary compiled from a large database of medical reports, which has been quality assured by expert medical-language specialists.  As MTs type the initial characters of a word, the software instantly finds and displays the most frequent (likely) words beginning with those characters.  For example, the MT hears “examination” and types the letter “e”.  Smartype will display, right below the typing cursor, the most frequent word in its Medical Vocabulary that begins with “e”.  That word is “examination”.  It is entered into the text just by pressing the spacebar.  To get “endotracheal”, the MT would type en-space.  Typing ev-space inserts “evidence”.   
Users can add, delete, and move words around as they wish.  They can also set up as many phrase expansions as they like.  They can type “tp” to get “the patient”, “rom” to get “range of motion”, “wnl” for “within normal limits”, “egd” for “esophagogastroduodenoscopy”, and so on.  They can add these on the fly, or they can import their existing shortcut/expansion list.  Smartype also ships with a list of thousands of expansions, which users can have active if they don’t already have their own list.  They can maintain multiple Vocabularies and Expansion Lists in their Smartype Library, activating whichever ones they wish. 
“Smartype can save over 70% of a transcriptionist’s keystrokes, enabling them to achieve a much higher level of productivity than with conventional abbreviation expanders,” said Joe Weber, CEO of Narratek.  “We believe that after a short period of use, Smartypists will actually be able to generate text faster than an editor can correct a speech-recognition draft.  We’re thrilled to be able to return this powerful income-increasing tool for MTs, at a time when speech engines have sadly diminished the earning power of those who become editors.” 
Smartype sells for $150 and is available for a 30-day trial at   
About Narratek, Inc.    
Narratek provides consulting and products for clinical documentation.  The company focuses on dictation, transcription, speech recognition, natural language processing, and electronic health records (EHRs).