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I think Smartype is the quickest and easiest to use speedtyping software out there. You just type like you always do, and Smartype is right there with you. No special keys to remember, just tap the spacebar for the word that pops up. So simple! It is also very intuitive, remembering and adding in new words as you type them. It comes already loaded with a full line of medical terminology and shortcuts built in, but it is very easy to add in your own shortcuts too as you go along. You can customize it just for you and the way you type. Smartype has helped increase my typing speeds by an average of 30 to 40% percent, which is incredible! I don't know what I would do without my Smartype. - Natalie C.

I have only been transcribing for two years and have never really used this type of software. All I can say is, "Wow!" This is great. I have medical spellcheck, but with this program the time spent on that is even cut down. This is a great program for sure and has increased my production. Thank you for a terrific product! - Billy B.

I love the new Smartype! Having been a long-time user, I really looked forward to the updated version, and I have not been disappointed! The built-in medical vocabulary is a tremendous help and the speed is phenomenal. Being able to use it in different applications fits my needs perfectly! I was able to import my Shorthand abbreviations in just seconds. Its ability to learn new abbreviations is awesome. Kudos on delivering a new and improved Smartype! - Carol C.


I would like to thank you for this excellent product. I am not medical transcriptionist but a physician who types quite a lot during his working day. This excellent application is truly the best of its kind! It has been saving me a tremendous amount of time within the first month of use already!

I believe Smartype should be an imbedded application in every EHR across US and it should be used by practicing physicians by default.  In addition, what I find very interesting is that Smartype helps even DragonNaturally speaking become more accurate in its speech recognition.

Thank you again for this brilliant piece of software!

Sasa Jovicic, MD

Internal Medicine, Cincinnati OH